Head Coach / Co-Founder

With over 15+ years of experience, Andre is a NASM-certified Personal trainer and Nutrition Coach. He believes the foundations of a strong and healthy mind and body incorporates both maximizing strength and endurance, while still increasing range of motion and flexibility. From 1-on-1 fitness and nutrition coaching, to leading fun and energetic group training sessions, Andre loves helping people live their “best lives”. He believes making nutrition, fitness and recovery a part “daily life”, while cultivating a relentlessly positive mindset is the key to lasting vigor and vitality.

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Fitness & Nutrition Coach

After losing 45lbs and transforming my own life, I discovered my passion for
helping others pursue the healthiest most functional version of themselves
too. As an experienced Fitness & Nutrition Coach, I take pride in changing
people’s views and misconceptions about weightlifting, nutrition and overall
wellness. My experience and knowledge coupled with advanced trainings in
strength training, nutrition, and weight management has helped me bring
my own unique style to the world of fitness while changing hundreds of
lives. Through carefully curated exercise, nutrition and mindfulness
programs, both in-person and online, my clients regularly achieve major
improvements in behavior change, energy levels, body shape and an
overall zest for life they didn’t know was possible.

Joanne Lee Cornish

Nutrition Coach

Nutrition Coach, Author & Body Composition Expert.

Gaining muscle, losing fat, crushing Midlife, and maintaining results long term.

A former Olympia Pro Bodybuilder, Joanne herself, has gained muscle, taken her body fat to single digits, reduced muscle without gaining fat, and maintained her body composition throughout the midlife madness.

For almost 3 decades Joanne has coached people to be screen and stage-ready and excels in educating people towards the sustainable results they deserve. Joanne is sought out by those who want a plan and the knowledge they need to live lean for a lifetime.

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Katy Farmer

Fitness Coach

I believe fitness should be something you look forward to, which is why I keep my playlists stacked and the energy moving! My classes are tough because I believe the only way to get to it is by going through it, and the only way to get anywhere is by doing the hard work. I’ve been a long distance runner for over 15 years and everything I did in training directly correlated to the “real” world, which is why I became a NASM certified trainer back in 2016. My goal is to help people realize how strong they really are, and how mental toughness is just as important as being physically strong. My specialty is HIIT, strength training and dad jokes, and when I’m not at the gym I’m probably on a mountain with my dog or saving the planet through solar.

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