In 21 days you will at long last “understand” weight loss, and you will understand why you may have struggled in the past.

In this 21 day program Joanne will provide custom meal plans and 10 live zoom coaching calls (all recorded for you ) where you will explore such as fat cell beakdown, fat patterning, body types, sugar burner vs fat burner, why weight rebounds happen and how to avoid, how to crush cravings (usually in a week) appetite regulators, how to fuel for your workout and so much more.

There are so many fascinating topics to cover that no two programs are exactly the same – but if you are ready to once and for all understand weight loss in a small group online setting, we look forward to seeing you in the next 21 Day Peak Performance Program.

Groups are large enough to be dynamic yet small enough to be very personal. You can be an active participant or follow along in the background, and you will have access to Joanne for the entire 21 days.

“When have you been any good at something you didn’t understand? NEVER! Weight loss is a skill and yet people are led to believe that a meal plan that they don’t understand will give them lasting results that they know how to maintain. Sadly this will not happen.”

It is said that weight loss has a 94%  failure rate, I would aruge that playing the piano would have a 100% failure rate if someone did not take lessons! 

Weight loss, like any other skill – playing the piano, golf, tennis, a second language needs to be understood and needs to be coached. Once the skill is developed, you can excel at your body composition goal.

Please join if you are ready for a fascinating 21 days to give you the tools and the plan you need to succeed.  

(The meal plans are not ideal for vegans, but the information and coaching are just as powerful)

This program is available live every 3 months.

Price: $350
Joanne Lee Cornish photo of trainer


They say “abs are made in the kitchen”, which is exactly why we offer nutrition coaching to all our members. From personalized meal plans, grocery shopping lists, and monthly weigh-ins, our PEAK Fit team will help you reach your fitness goals!